Data Management & Warehouse

While data warehouse technology has been employed for more than four decades, it is still extremely relevant today and helps as a great assistant to get the correct decision while taking up a line. We are conversant with data warehouse and business intelligence solutions, and we are trained to work with you to see the problem you are facing and design an appropriate answer.

Data Warehousing

Our data warehousing solutions represent a perfect approach to comprising data consolidation, cleaning of data, transformation of data, management of master data, building decision support systems, tuning of performance and also creating backups and archives.

Data Sourcing and Collection

In your organization all the data which is collected is not always relevant and this required warehousing of data. We assist companies identify and choose the data assets tactically necessary for the decision making process.

DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION We interpret the complexities around data warehouse design and are experts at building star and snowflake schemas. We start the procedure by naming the types of queries that will be taken of the data warehouse, define the dimensions, and then pick out the facts that will sustain the business queries. Hexagon has hands-on experience implementing the arrangement, and understands the technicalities and pitfalls of data warehouse implementation. For instance, when should you use a bit index? When is it appropriate to utilize a full text index on a fact, and how should the queries be built?
ETL PROCESSES A data warehouse is only as utilitarian as the data that underlies it. Semantic Bits knows how to construct effective and effective Extract-Translate-Load (ETL) to move information from transaction systems into a data warehouse or a band of data marts. We know when it is appropriate to use ETL tools such as Pentaho Kettle and when it is more cost efficient to implement ETL in code, thus sparing our customers time and money. But as your transaction systems are existing systems that vary over time, the ETL routines that hold your data warehouse must also shift. SemanticBits ETL code is very unique and should be highly maintained and should be updated on a regular basis.

Decision Support Systems (DSS):

We handle all aspects of DSS, beginning with the origin of the data through the warehouse, with the presentation of that data for business strategists. We manage this by building reports, OLAP, and information mining tools that will sustain your organization's management in making good decisions.

Key Benefits of Data Management with Hexagon

  • Optimized management of business information and access to metadata management, retrieval of information, migration and operation masking
  • Efficiency in Warehousing of enterprise data with open bus architecture better results
  • Deployment of smarter and cost-efficient technologies with minimum disturbance
  • Improved data quality and reduced risks
  • Application re-engineering
  • Reduced costs and optimal resource use
  • Metadata management and accounting
  • Enterprise-wide scalability

Data Consolidation:

Information Extraction

Using best for the job ETL tools we help companies forge a process around data extraction and translation.

Data Cleansing

For character requirement cleansing of data and its validation is very important. Hexagon will always give way above and beyond in the data cleaning process. A properly cleansed data provides better results and validates the decision process.

Information Transformation

Addresses the inconsistency in operational data sources by receiving the input streams from these organizations and transforming them into one uniform format.

Data Preparation

After the preparation of data is done a back-up is created followed by sequencing of sources and data which is prepared to be loaded into your information warehouse.

Information Security

Hexagon follows the standards of the industry and is good in information classification techniques and security details such encryption, authentication, sanitization and masking of data and also protocols for secured data transfer

Cloud Technology

Among latest trends the cloud technology is working wonders because this is through which you can transfer huge amounts of data over short periods of time.