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At Hexagon IT Solutions, we specialize in developing custom technology strategies that drive growth and innovation for business of all sizes.

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API Integration

Create seamless flows of data and information, and design its presentation in a way that makes sense for you and your company.

E-commerce Solutions

Connect your small business, or upscale your thriving start-up by implementing custom websites, marketing, digital payments, online ordering, drop shipping, and more.

Web Development

We build websites from the ground up, so that it looks and feels exactly like our customers envision it.

ERP Development and Integration

Design a resource integration that expedites your company's growth by meeting your unique needs and specifications.

Custom Software

Maximize saving time and money by emphasizing efficiency for both customers and employees.

Mobile Application Development

Put your business in the palms of your customers with the personalized and convenient method possible.

Software Consulting Service

We help you make sense of your current software situation and learn how integrations and adjustments can maximize work flow, growth, and more.

CRM Development and Integration

Implement a method for gathering all of your information in order to analyze and present it in a method that maximizes efficiency and your company's growth.

Industries We Build In

Real Estate

Residential Property Management

Ecommerce & Retail

Construction Management

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We believe in the power of collaboration. By joining forces with industry-leading partners, we are able to deliver exceptional results and extend the capabilities of our solutions

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