Custom Software Development

There’s no substitute for that custom-fit feel.

At first glance, having Hexagon IT Solutions custom-build your software might sound frivolous or expensive. When considering how custom software tailors a web or computer application to your company’s exact needs, you might wonder how you could possibly live without it. Building custom software has significant advantages when considering how it can adapt as your business grows. It saves time, energy, and money when your employees and customers can use something that is intuitive and built to fit within your company’s operations. It removes the need to move between multiple applications, or how to adapt off-the-shelf services to your needs. You know the difference when a dress or suit has been tailored to fit your body. It feels better. The same can be said for your company’s software.


Hex Specs


When something is simpler to use, productivity increases, meaning time and money gets saved. Custom made is tailored to your specific needs and design.


In a constantly changing technological environment, even software wears out over time. Custom-made software allows you to adapt with the times.


When comparing modifying “off-the-shelf” software with starting with a custom-build, custom software is an easy choice.


As your company grows, so can your custom-made software.


It’s much easier, and creates fewer problems to develop custom software than it is to integrate new software into an existing system.

Scope of Software

When you get custom software, you own the software, not Hexagon, meaning it becomes a commodity your company can sell.


Who We Serve

Health & Fitness

Health and fitness have not been far behind when it comes to hopping on the digital bandwagon. Fitness believers worldwide have embraced the new health and fitness applications and gadgets that help monitor your fitness statistics.

Arches Innovations is a proud custom web and software development company that has worked with several clients in the industry of health and fitness. We have developed software solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, gymnasiums, and laboratories for both management as well as customers.

Education & E-Learning

The education and learning industry is not untouched by the digitalization era. The last decade has seen an increase in the demand for the online education system, especially as more and more kids use modern tech devices for their studies.

Arches Innovations offers educators and learners user-friendly, multi-level e-learning solutions. We have worked with several premier institutes and schools across the globe to revolutionize their education system to welcome a more digitalized approach.

Ecommerce & Retail

The world around has taken a 360 degree turn when it comes to the retail and buying habits of the consumers. Where physical outlets and shops were the main driving force of the sales and revenue for any business, there has been a shift towards e-commerce and retail over the last two decades.

Arches Innovations provides comprehensive eCommerce web development solutions best suited to your business's needs and requirements. In a world where all products and businesses are just a click away, do not let your business bog down due to a lack of e-presence. Contact us to know more about how we help you revolutionize your business.

Real Estate

The world of buying, selling, or renting properties was never this easier, thanks to the advent of the digital age. With more web solutions and mobile applications providing access to real estate to the prospective buyers, sellers, and tenants – the whole task of property hunting and long hours of negotiation has become redundant. More and more real estate agents are now offering web solutions and services to their clients on a digital platform.

Arches Innovations understands the requirements of the real estate industry and offers custom-made web and software solutions to our clients for smooth customer handling and experience.

Give your company that custom-fit feel.

Hexagon will create software that uses cutting-edge technology, and has the ability to keep you there in this diverse, and ever-changing technological market our economy finds itself in. Being able to adapt with technologically fresh features and layouts is the way of the future, and by partnering with us, we’ll keep your business on the cutting edge with an emphasis on efficient and intuitive solutions.

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