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If you’re reading this, you’re about to read a paradox. Brace yourself. You’re on a website about to read about why you’d rather be using an app. A mobile app is the way the majority of your customers and clients are going to prefer to experience and interface with the data and information you have to share.

Think about it: You want to find a movie; who sang that song; a handy flashlight that’s already in your pocket? The power of our phones have made apps an indispensable part of our lives. At Hexagon IT Solutions, we are geared to take your idea, nurse it into a concept, and grow it into the app that you envision. There’s no better way to say up with the current technological trends than to give your customers access to your business with the ease of reaching into their pocket and pushing a button. We build mobile apps for:

+ Lifestyle

+ Social Media

+ Utilities

+ Games

+ Productivity

+ News / Information


Navigating the high-paced market place calls for a business front that can keep up. Current trends call for transparency, huminization, and customer availability. An e-Commerce platform built by Hexagon IT Solutions satisfies these three needs perfectly.

Creating an online platform allows your business to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. As trends change, the information and presentation an e-Commerce platform publishes can keep up with the times. Humanizing a product has never been easier with changes to photos, products, content such as blogs, videos, reels, and more.

With humanization comes transparency. When customers can get an honest feel for a company, this creates brand loyalty, which is the gold standard in today’s technologically driven economy where it's relatively cheap to get a foot in the door, but also filled with many brands competing for attention. A comprehensive e-Commerce platform sends the message that you’re a business worth taking seriously, and gives you the competitive edge to stay connected to customers authentically and at a moment’s notice.

QA Testing 

Is there anything more frustrating than unexpected interruption? The signal drops while watching a movie, an egg shell in your breakfast, or a fly disturbing your nap. As customers and employees interact with your website, mobile app, or software, bugs and glitches can have the same effect.

These minor frustrations build up over time sending the message that your company isn’t competently managed. This is where Quality Assurance becomes vital.

Allow us to test and debug your current system to streamline your processes and eliminate all the glitches and deadends. Getting your system back to the way it was designed offers you peace of mind and sends the right message to your customers. Schedule a consultation with us, today!

Software Consulting

We remove the “Im” from impossible for your software needs in three major ways.


 + We update your current software to your new or evolved need.

+ We adapt an available system to your precise specifications.

+ We build the software you need from scratch, leaving room for growth and scalability.

Software that custom fits your business is like a tailored suit or dress, they just fit better. A better fit allows for efficiency, proficiency, and scalable growth. Allow us to understand your software needs so we can help you streamline your company’s success and growth. Schedule a consultation with us, today. 


There’s one tool that successful real estate agents and brokerages use more than any other – CRMs. This technology allows captured leads to become part of email lists, surveys, text groups, sales promotions, and more.

As your list of potential clients and sold clients grows, the workload stays the same. Managing time and energy allows those resources to go toward areas that maximize profit and are deserving of your greatest focus.

Isn’t it time to see what a CRM designed for real estate professionals can do for you?


Collecting customer data has become more than just having a comprehensive email list. With a MySQL database you can pinpoint marketing strategies, analyze current customer trends, respond to market changes, and communicate with customers over several methods.

MySQL allows managers to also keep track of assets and products in a variety of different ways. The ways to analyze this data are endless, allowing for unique insights into your company, while maintaining a broad view of your entire operation. This information becomes a powerful tool for growing your business in a scalable way, all while maintaining quality and a reliable check on the health and sustainability of your company.

Contact us today to see how we can design the tools you need to ensure your company’s growth and success.

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