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The Client

Orriant Wellness is a leading provider of corporate wellness programs aimed at improving employee health and reducing healthcare costs. Despite their expertise in health coaching, they faced significant challenges with their software systems which hindered their ability to deliver effective and timely services on Orriant.

Orriant.com is a platform focused on employee wellness programs designed to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for employers. Their approach is built on evidence-based practices emphasizing behavioral change through personalized coaching and wellness plans. Orriant offers various wellness services, including chronic disease management, health risk assessments, and lifestyle coaching.

Experience the benefits of Orriant: from reduced clothing sizes and increased energy to a healthier heart. Achieving health and weight loss goals need not be a constant struggle. With Orriant, you will receive the guidance, information, and ongoing support necessary to reach your health objectives.

Partner with your Orriant Health Coach to set and accomplish your goals, uncover your motivation, and take control of your wellness. Each program is meticulously tailored to meet your unique requirements, with a steadfast commitment to maintaining your privacy. Our coaches, experts in health and behavioral sciences, are dedicated to providing the highest level of support.

Regardless of your health goals, your coach will be there to guide you. Discover a healthier you with Orriant.

Key Features of Orriant.com

Personalized Wellness Coaching

Orriant provides one-on-one coaching tailored to each employee’s health needs and goals. This individualized attention helps to foster lasting behavioral changes.

Health Risk Assessments

The platform offers comprehensive health risk assessments that help identify potential health issues before they become serious problems. These assessments are designed to motivate employees to engage in healthier behaviors.

Chronic Disease Management

Orriant specializes in managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity through structured programs and ongoing support.

Engaging Wellness Programs

The company creates engaging and interactive wellness programs that keep employees motivated. These programs often include challenges, incentives, and educational resources.

Data-Driven Insights

Orriant leverages data analytics to provide employers with actionable insights on their workforce’s health. These insights help in customizing wellness initiatives and measuring their impact.

Comprehensive Reporting

Employers receive detailed reports showcasing the progress and effectiveness of the wellness programs, helping them make informed decisions about future health initiatives.

Recent Updates

Orriant has recently integrated telehealth services to enhance accessibility for employees, allowing them to access wellness coaching and medical advice remotely.

The platform has introduced new interactive tools and mobile app features toimprove user engagement and track health metrics more efficiently.

Orriant has expanded its chronic disease management programs to include mental health support, recognizing the growing importance of mental wellness in the workplace.

Regular updates and improvements are made based on user feedback and advancements in health technology, ensuring that Orriant remains a leader in the employee wellness industry.

Orriant continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of both employers and employees, making it a valuable partner in promoting workplace wellness.

The Challenges

Disorganized Data and Its Impact


Without organized data, Orriant Wellness struggled to track client progress and measure program effectiveness. This inefficiency led to delays indecision-making and an inability to respond promptly to client needs.

Client Dissatisfaction

Clients expected timely and accurate reporting, but the disorganized data prevented Orriant Wellness from meeting these expectations, resulting in frustration and dissatisfaction.

Operational Chaos

The lack of a structured data management system caused internal confusion and increased the workload on staff who had to manually sort and manage data.

Inefficient Onboarding Process

Delays and Frustration

The slow onboarding process prevented new clients from starting their wellness programs on time, causing frustration and a poor first impression.

Loss of Business

Potential clients, frustrated with the lengthy on boarding, considered other service providers, leading to lost business opportunities.

Archaic UI/UX Design

Poor User Engagement

An outdated and unintuitive interface discouraged users from fully engaging with the platform, reducing the effectiveness of the wellness programs.

Accessibility Issues

The absence of a mobile interface limited access for users who preferred or required mobile solutions, further reducing engagement and satisfaction.

Ineffective Communication Tools

Communication Barriers

Coaches faced difficulties in communicating with clients due to inadequate tools, which impeded the delivery of personalized and effective coaching.

Client Disengagement

Poor communication led to disengaged clients who felt unsupported, reducing the overall impact of the wellness programs.

Data Security Concerns

Risk of Data Breaches

Without a focus on data security, Orriant Wellness was at risk of data breaches, which could compromise sensitive client information and lead to legal and financial repercussions.

Loss of Trust

Clients need assurance that their data is secure. Any lapse in data security could erode trust, making it difficult to retain existing clients and attract new ones.

The Solutions Provided by Hexagon IT Solutions

Comprehensive Data Management

Structured Data Systems: Implemented robust data management systems to organize and streamline data handling, enabling efficient tracking and reporting.

Real-Time Analytics: Provided tools for real-time data analysis, allowing for quicker decision-making and more responsive program adjustments.

Streamlined Onboarding

Automated Processes: Introduced automated onboarding processes to significantly reduce the time required to onboard new clients.

Enhanced Client Experience: Created a smooth and welcoming onboarding experience, setting a positive tone for client relationships from the start.

Modernized UI/UX Design

Intuitive Interface: Redesigned the user interface to be modern and user friendly, encouraging greater engagement with the platform.

Mobile Accessibility: Developed a mobile interface to ensure users could access the platform conveniently from any device.

Advanced Communication Tools

Integrated Communication Platforms: Integrated advanced communication tools that facilitated seamless interactions between coaches and clients.

Improved Client Support: Enhanced the support system, ensuring clients felt supported and engaged throughout their wellness journey.

Robust Data Security

Security Protocols: Implemented stringent data security measures to protect sensitive client information and prevent data breaches.

Compliance and Trust: Ensured compliance with industry standards, boosting client confidence in the security and reliability of the platform.

The Impact

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined Operations: The improvements in data management and onboarding processes streamlined Orriant Wellness’s operations, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality wellness programs.

Increased Productivity: Staff could dedicate more time to client engagement and program development rather than manual data management tasks.

Enhanced User Experience

Higher Engagement: The modern UI/UX and mobile interface resulted in higher user engagement and satisfaction.

Positive Feedback: Clients provided positive feedback about the improved interface and ease of use, strengthening client relationships.

Effective Coaching

Better Communication: The new communication tools enabled coaches to provide more personalized and effective support, leading to better client outcomes.

Client Retention: Improved communication and support contributed to higher client retention rates.

Security and Trust

Data Protection: The robust security measures protected sensitive client data, reducing the risk of breaches and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Trust and Confidence: Clients expressed increased trust and confidence in Orriant Wellness’s ability to protect their information, enhancing the company’s reputation.


The transformation of Orriant Wellness’s software systems by Hexagon IT Solutions addressed critical operational challenges and significantly improved client satisfaction. This case study highlights the importance of modern, efficient, and secure software solutions in enhancing the effectiveness of corporate wellness programs and ensuring long-term client retention.

HEXAGON IT SOLUTIONS Impact on Revital Insurance

Orriant Wellness, a company specializing in wellness insurance plans, faced several critical challenges before partnering with Hexagon IT Solutions. Disorganized customer data, inefficient tracking systems, and the absence of real-time data analytics hampered their ability to provide top-tier services to their clients. The fragmented handling of data meant that the team struggled to manage client interactions effectively, often resulting in delayed responses and inconsistencies in their wellness insurance plans.

Upon collaborating with Hexagon IT Solutions, Revital Insurance underwent a transformative change. Hexagon IT Solutions provided a comprehensive CRM solution tailored to the unique needs of the wellness insurance industry. This CRM system centralizes all customer data, making it easily accessible and manageable. With real time access to updated information, the Revital Insurance team can now track client interactions, preferences, and wellness plans with remarkable efficiency.

Additionally, Hexagon IT Solutions introduced automated data analytics, enabling Revital Insurance to gain deep insights into market trends and customer behavior. This data driven approach has empowered the company to tailor their wellness insurance plans to meet the specific needs of their clients, resulting in improved client satisfaction and retention rates.

Perhaps one of the most significant enhancements was the creation of a client access portal. This feature allows clients to log in and view their wellness plan details, track their progress, and communicate with their wellness advisors seamlessly. The portal’s user friendly design and real-time updates ensure that clients have the information they need at their fingertips, fostering a more engaged and informed customer base.

In conclusion, Hexagon IT Solutions’ CRM solution has significantly impacted Revital Insurance’s operations, resulting in improved efficiency, enhanced customer experiences and ultimately boosting their competitive edge in the wellness insurance market. By addressing critical challenges and introducing innovative features, Hexagon IT Solutions has played a vital role in helping Revital Insurance achieve its business goals and provide exceptional services to their clients.

Overall, Hexagon IT Solutions has played an instrumental role in elevating Revital Insurance from a state of operational disarray to a well-organized, client-focused enterprise. The improvements in data accessibility, client interaction, and service customization have not only enhanced operational efficiency but also significantly boosted client satisfaction and loyalty.


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