Mobile App Development


Mobile Application Development

For more than a decade, Hexagon IT Solutions has specialized in building mobile applications for businesses looking to make a statement within their market. Mobile applications are an ideal platform for any company as it gives customers access from almost anywhere on the planet.

Additionally, Hexagon IT Solutions is proficient in the major programming languages used, including iOS, Android, UI UX, and more. Whatever your desired platform, we have the expertise to build a solution.


Types of Mobile Applications

We have experience building the four common mobile application platforms:

Native Applications

Build on a specific platform to use the software and hardware of that device.

Hybrid Applications

Combines elements from the native app and web apps.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Responsive apps that are not device/platform specific.

Cross-Platform App Development

Apps built to run on any mobile app platform.


Mobile Application Development Platforms

Presently, two mobile platforms cover the major market portion – iOS from Apple, and Android from Google. Apple uses iOS-based mobile applications only for its products. Meanwhile, Android can be run by other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well aside from Google. Based on these two platforms, there are various types of mobile applications that can be developed.

Hexagon IT Solutions is amongst the top 10 mobile app development companies excelling in web app development.

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