Hexa Notes

Hexa Notes emerged from substantial increase in the problems faced today. This is the answer to your documentstorage facilities. How to surpass a world with ever increase in magnitude and momentum. Document ideas whether small or big, the little details we did not list to, and everything in between, where anything that matters can be captured in one place and made ready when you need it the most.

“Save Trees”

You have heard of the statement that says, “Save Trees”, well that is because you don’t need to jot down point andideas on a piece of paper anymore. Say goodbye to screenshots and bookmarks because Hexa Notes has you covered. You can also save and share files in Hexa Notes using email IDs, restrict access to certain documents, create several notebooks and pages for documenting, etc.

Hexa Notes helps users to manage their contents and help focus on what is more important. This has made the change for many users to express their thoughts in written form across many smart phones, tablets and personal computers. It is discovered by most people that, when using Hexa Notes, it is much easier to remember stuff from the past and bridges connections between ideas.

Why Hexa Notes?

You can use Hexa Notes on your smart phones, tablets and PCs.

You can Save information anytime at anyplace. It is always accessible as and whenever you need it. It saved all your data including texts, photos, documents, clipped pages, etc. (Internet connection is required)

You can sync your notes and notebooks across multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets, personal computers, work laptops, etc. (Internet connection is required)

Share your notes and notebooks with others who possess an email ID. (Internet Connection is required)