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Manage Subcontractors, Schedules, Punch Lists, & Budgets with Ease

Construction software is a must-have for any construction company looking to streamline its operations. Hexagon Construction software is designed to help manage your subcontractors, schedules, punch lists, and budgets with ease. No matter what kind of construction company you operate, Hexagon Construction software can help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Hexagon Construction Makes it Simple to Submit Change Orders and Get Approvals Quickly.

Improve communication within your team, save time and money, and ensure that your project is completed on schedule. 


Keep Track of All Your Projects and Deliver On-Time

Detailed Dashboards

Hexagon Construction dashboards give you a full perspective of business operations. Keep track of key projects and their different stages all in one place.

Streamline Documentation & Process

Upload schedules, pictures, punch lists, and other documentation all in place per each job or project.

CRM Management

Keep relationships with all of your information in one place, from subcontractors to customers. Contact your subs, supers, and customers with the click of a button.

2300 Projects Streamlined in 2023

Well-rounded, digital architecture. Our team not only built software for the construction industry, but we also lived it. From new builds to re-models we understand the construction process, its pain points and sense of accomplishment. We're Google certified, SEO certified and offer a wide array of support for you and your teams. From software to websites and lead funnels.

Real Time Reporting

Hexagon Construction gives real time reporting for your business. Find pinch points in processes and keep budgets in order with our reporting tool. From survey resuts to financials, we've got you covered.

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