Health App

The world is trying to get into better shape and you don’t want to be left behind. Now, your very own smart phones can help you by using the Health App. Hexagon IT Solutions provides necessary health solutions based on an evaluation system conducted online. It is designed to portrait a simple and easy questionnaire on your health condition, which then assesses the given data to anticipate the results as the recommended treatment.

Health App Enhances the lifestyle

Health App enhances the lifestyle and fitness strategy by encouraging, understanding and motivating the users of the application. It lowers the expenditure for businesses by making the recruits accountable for their personal lifestyle, habits, and choices. Other users who do not have the need to opt-in for the Health Kit end up paying excess premium at insurance companies. Therefore, we try to help our customers in any better way we can.
In time, user will have less premium to pay for, will lead a better and healthier lifestyle, and reduced claims in insurance for preventable health issues. We also provide coaches and health support for any queries that you may have, to guide you and motivate you on your journey to a better lifestyle.

Why Health Kit?

Health apps benefit everyone to get an insight when they see real-time notifications for their exercise progress, bike rides, workouts, weights, etc. It is used on every available smart phone, both Android and iOS, via wearable sensors. The Health Kit also provides you with the information like tips and actionable coaching or even setting goals based on your day-to-day activities. It can connect across other applications to sync data so that you will never lose track of your progress.

Benefits of Health App

Easily track your exercise and workout progress and get scheduled reports for target accomplishments.

Get free workout ideas and solutions.

Set goals and reminders for target achievements and share/compare them with your friends and family.

Monitor your diet schedules, calories burn, Heart Points, Move minutes and steps, etc.

Saves time and money from visiting a doctor. Get home applicable solutions instantly based on your symptoms.

Personalized one-to-one coaching and guidance from professionals.

Reduced insurance claims and promotes preventable health issues.