Smart Customer Survey Tool

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We Help Apartment Developers and Property Management Teams Gather Automatic Omni-Channel Customer Feedback. 

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    Increase the number of 5-star feedback reviews published on your website.

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    Build out an automated sequence of actions once customer feedback is submitted that promote your business.

How Got Incite Can Help You

Got Incite offers management software tools that help businesses attain multichannel feedback from customers. 

Automatically Request And Boost Reviews

Automatically monitor your businesses's customer rating and increase the number of reviews by requesting them from current customers templates, email, digital surveys, and text via our mobile app and proprietary user interactions.

Instantly Monitor Feedback

Monitor feedback on third-party review sites. Scale response efforts with pre-approved custom templates. Get instant visibility from one centralized dashboard. Track live results of your surveys and send reminders to collect more feedback.

Easily Integrate Review Sites

Google, Yelp Facebook, third-party review sites, and email. 60 percent more reviews. Lift review volume by up to 60% with one simple feature. Turn customer survey responses into ratings and feedback on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other sites that matter for your company.

Publish Great Reviews

Promote and share feedback across your main website and social channels. Post reviews from customers on your domain or favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and/ or LinkedIn to share with the public. Publish great survey results directly to your website. 

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