Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system designed to handle the entire spectrum of customer interactions. This involves everything from the customer’s specific information, to interactions with the customer, and marketing and sales-related activities. In short, the name says it all. It takes all information pertaining to the customer relationship and allows companies to manage a customer’s experience throughout their lifecycle with your company.

How can a CRM help my business?

CMRs centralize all customer related information: contact information, lead origination, purchasing history, past communications, and even website interactions and browsing duration. All of this information is housed in one, central database.

Hexagon IT Solutions builds and organizes this database and then designs a dashboard specific to a company’s wants and needs. This allows your company to view, interact, and analyze the information you feel is important and use it to optimize your entire business.

CRMs have built-in intelligence which can be used in a plethora of automated tasks. This can send out emails, surveys, collect and organize future interactions and compile a real-time scope of each customer with ease.

Even customer questions and complaints can be automated and funneled to the appropriate resources with a CRMs powerful abilities.

With all the time- and money-saving aspects of CRMs, more and more businesses are harnessing their power every day.

This is where company and customer relationships are heading, which means transitioning your business’ customer operations to a CRM keeps you up-to-date as cloud-based databases, software, and technologies continue to evolve.

CRMs allow businesses to get a clear vision of what their customers want and need. It also allows employees company-wide to get a clear, real-time picture of its customers in a centralized place.

The bottom line is that CRMs encourage efficiency and drive productivity. This saves time, money, and manpower.

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