Hexagon IT Solutions has developed many platforms out of which “Cullsy” plays an outstanding roll in today’s modernized world. Cullsy was developed with the intent to search of hashtags across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, etc. All topics or subjects related to the hashtag would be gathered in one place. It can be used to research and create hashtags, search for a specific topic across various social media platforms and look up for latest trends using widgets. It is available on a range of devices from desktop to smart phones and tablets.

How is it Used?

Let’s say for example; you want to keep up with the scores in sports such as cricket or get the latest trend about oil prices, simply search for a hashtag to display all related topics from different social media platforms relevant to your search. You can also subscribe to certain topics to receive timely email notifications relevant to the chosen topic of discussion

Benefits of Cullsy

Easy to Use and understandable to viewers of all ages.

Single sign-in or sing-up to access all your social media accounts using widgets.

Accelerates social Media Management.

Fetches data from popular services to a central hub.

Collaborative social media management platform is trusted by businesses to powers social media communication and awareness.

Frequent updates and reputation recognizing experience.