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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) compiles and stores customer data and creates an integrated system for which to connect with those customers. Hexagon IT Solutions specializes in creating tools to analyze customer connections, giving businesses several methods of communication, and managing all areas of customer relationships. This helps your business stay engaged with your customers and create the best customer experience available, allowing for customer retention to thrive and new customers to have a great experience.

Prompt and friendly interactions are crucial for customer retention. This effort begins with a well-designed and intuitive CRM. The team here at Hexagon IT Solutions believes that we give businesses the best solution for their customer relationship management needs. CRMs give businesses a central place to store and use customer data. In turn, this creates an organized system for businesses to access information and use it to create positive customer interactions. This is how successful businesses keep their customers and establish relationships with new ones.


Our CRM Systems

We have experience building the four common mobile application platforms:

Reliability and Security

Authentication, Encryption, and other key features safeguard all customer information and data.

Accessibility Through Mobile

Having mobile access to your CRM is just one of the import features we offer in our CRM programming.

Easy Migration

Taking your CRM information from an existing system to an upgraded system built by us is made seamless with just a few clicks.

Customer Support

We provide service all day every day, assisting you in managing the system that manages your business's most valuable assets: your customers.

Customizable Integrations

Our developers will either provide your CRM with the most up-to-date integration options available or help you build one that hasn't been created yet.

Easily Adaptable

Here at Hexagon aim towards building CRM software that is easily adaptable to the growing and complex needs of your business.


The Importance of CRM for Your Business

Be it CRM for a small business or a well-established flourishing business, the importance of Customer Relationship Management cannot be undermined. CRM system helps you to get that edge over your competitors by getting the right client information at the right time. This helps the sales and marketing team to reach prospective leads and convert them into a sale. In most cases, sales for any business depend on the relationship between the buyer and the seller. For the same, CRM tools designed specifically for your business will help. We, at Hexagon IT Solutions, help you to get just the right CRM software to help expand your growing business. With the help of our best CRM software, you can streamline all the processes related to the customer such as marketing, sales, and service, thereby saving you time to further help build and maintain client relationships. This further helps you to develop and maintain client relationships. CRM solutions help in enhancing overall performance by optimizing the operating processes with their ability to move data across multiple channels at the same time.

For small businesses looking to expand, CRM is especially useful by taking the pressure of information management off the employees. Instead, with these processes being automated and take care of by CRM, the employees can focus on growth processes of the business. What is even better is that these CRM tools are scalable.

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Inclusion of Cross-Platform Applications

We understand that these days a single platform-based application stands redundant. For the same, Hexagon IT Solutions provides its clients with multi-platform or cross-platform applications which work efficiently on all platforms – be it web or mobile.

Inclusion of Third-Party Widgets

Our CRM solutions provide you the freedom to include third-party widgets as a way of enhancing your overall CRM experience.

Sale Cycle Insights

We provide custom templates to develop upfront e-Commerce store designs that enable easy navigation and user experience. To further enhance the user experience, we incorporate AI and AR into the algorithms to learn customer buying behavior, offering similar products and experiences to the customer in the future.

Sales Automation

We strive to develop super responsive plugins and modules that enhance the overall functions and features of your e-commerce website, software, or application.


Our developers at Hexagon IT Solutions are forever ready to help you provide any support or assistance concerning the product we deliver. Our customer care representatives provide 24 / 7 support to our clients.


Our developers test and retest every website, application, or software developed to ensure these are responsive and error-free. Any errors or glitches that arise during the functioning of a website solution, are promptly handled by our team.

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