• A complete transformation of your business operations using optimized software methods. Our software solutions energizes your business process and streamlines your objectives. business.

Custom Software Development for Your Business

We offer a wide range of custom software solutions, from reports to complete programs. We can custom tailor our software products to coincide with your company's processes. Our pricing is direct, competitive and cost effective.

Hexagon developers have been coding and working with clients across the globe for over a decade. Our consultants provide tailor made solutions with cutting edge technologies that fit your business needs and control the cost of development. We provide full cycle development and maintenance and platform-based customization.

Our process

We take a collaborative approach. This helps our clients achieve and meet their business objectives and requirements.

  • Discovery: Our project managers analyze the requirements of the customers and create an user flow
  • Plan: Create project flows, identify champions of the project and modules. Identify the key players and set up the customer with project management tool. (All of this might have to be reworded). Technology, hosting and other elements of developments are decided like weekly meetings and reviews.
  • Design: Create a UI kits, front end design and elements and provide the link to the customer to view the project developments and view the feedback.
  • Development: This is a symbiosis process between the customer and our project managers. This is a collaborative phase where the customer has the visuality or visibility (not sure if this kind of a word even exists in english) to the development. This is an interactive process.
  • Beta: Testing and bug fixing
  • Implementation
  • Support and Maintenance: This is a long term solution

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