Custom Applications

Mobile App Development

According to a report, business apps increased over 102 percent in 2020 alone. This is how more and more customers are interacting with the businesses they enjoy. Whether its an eCommerce or service-driven platform, we have the experience to help you significantly upscale your business and user experience with a mobile app custom designed to fit your dreams.

Things You Should Know:

  • Mobile App Development takes 1-3 months to go from concept to testing phase.
  • Cost is completely dependent on size, complexity, and functionality.
  • We offer a free kick-off meeting and work scope to help you plan cost, implementation, and expectations.
  • Mobile App Development happens in five major stages:
    1. Kick-off Meeting: Understand Concept and Answer Questions.
    2. Proposal: Flow Charts, Concept Renditions, Time / Cost Projections.
    3. Agreement: Sign Documents, Initiate Project.
    4. Building: Project Manager coordinates between client and development / design teams throughout process.
    5. QC / Delivery: Finishing touches are placed on application before sent to the client for testing and delivery.

Web App Development

It’s never been more important to establish an online presence with your business. Building appealing websites and mobile apps that are as visually appealing as they are easy to use is the name of the game. When you collaborate with Hexagon, you’ll have complete control for the life of your website or mobile, or leave it in our hands as you scale your business upward.

  • Customizable
  • User-Friendly Management
  • Hosted on our custom web builder Edifice

  • Scaleable
  • CRMiOS + Android compatible
  • Human Customer Support
  • Partnered With

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