TimePro, the best all in one HR, Payroll, Project Estimations and Time Management software all in one hand. TimePro that drives performance, reduce costs, increase project visibility, and stay on budget.

Time sheets have never been easier. But with TimePro, track time on your phone or laptop, quickly approve employee hours, or dive into dashboards and reports that make it easy to manage budgets and plan employee time.

TimePro For Whom?


A Timesheet Your Employees Will Love. With TimePro mobile app, logging the working times has never been tough. Manage or apply leaves through the mobile and the status of your leaves all updated through the cloud. Want to include notes, goals, or custom fields? Sure thing. We make it easy for your team to record their hours — no matter where they are or what they’re doing.


Team leaders, managers, and project owners — we built this for you. Instantly know which projects are over or under budget. Understand employee availability, costs, and productivity. And approve time, vacation, and billable hours with ease.


Dashboards display exactly what you need. On-demand reports surface key metrics and progress against organizational goals. Easily uncover what’s working, what’s not, and where things can be improved.

What’s more in TimePro?

More than time tracking, TimePro has a lot of features right from HR and HR Related Documents Management. Payroll automation along with Incentives and Deductions and on the fly tax generation as per employee type.

Whether you’re estimating project costs, reviewing past performance, or simply want to know who has not completed their timesheets, TimePro gives you instant answers to the questions you have about your business.

TimePro For Whom?

Time Tracking

Employees can clock in or out with just one click. Take a break, change job codes, or add timesheet details instantly.

Mobile App

TimePro works wherever you do. Download the Android or iOS app to track, submit, and approve employee time from virtually anywhere.


Build employee schedules by jobs or shifts. Quickly and easily edit, publish, and share the schedule with your crew.


Connect to your favorite accounting or payroll software to automatically sync accurate employee time tracking data for payroll and invoicing.


Automate overtime rules, customize pay rates, and preset complex overtime calculations for easy, accurate payroll. Overtime alerts keep you and your employees aware of weekly overtime limits.


With more than 20+ reports inbuilt you can gain valuable business insight with real-time, interactive reports. Predict time needs for job costs, plan for payroll, and increase profitability.