RTF Sports

RTF Sports is a sport event and team management software for innovative sports clubs, schools, or even community youth sports clubs that takes sporting events and preparations to the next new level.

It is easy and simplified to use. An administrator will simple allocate registered/qualified members of a school or community into several teams, schedule sports and events by choosing a start date and end date from the calendar, set timing of sports’ events, arrange venues, etc. It is also packed with player development programs to plan, measure and analyse your players’ training, test results, and progress.

The software works together with managers and coaches and shares the progress reports to coaches, managers, players and their parents. Although, all preferences are customizable by the administrators of the software.

Benefits of RTF Sports

Detailed Training Sessions – A well planned cycle of exercises for the players and coaches to follow up daily routines and workouts for the improvement of their necessary skills.

Players’ Evaluation – Detailed testing reports to track the progress of the players. Making sure they are following up with their objectives, physical training, non-physical training, etc. This provides an overall review of the players.

Analysis – Tracking their performance to see if they excel or why they are not performing well otherwise. Avoiding over training and injuries.

Attendance – Marking their punctuality for the daily sessions to make sure they do not lose track of the daily exercises and lessons. Tracking the participation of players so that managers and parents can check the overview.

Reports – Educating the parents not only about the importance of sports but also culture while letting them know their children are progressing in sports.

History and Records – Track the history of the users is created automatically in the software from schedules to attendances.

Integration – With the current trend of fitness bands, electronic smart fitness bands can sync data into the software for more accurate results.

Why RTF Sports

RTF Sports educates the importance of sports not only to players but also those around them. With this software, you can schedule events in a few minutes, organize training programs, sync across multiple fitness gadgets, set goals and reminders from every individual user account and from the administration department, track progress and records.

The software is also available in mobile version so sync with other devices instantly and display progress of daily exercises promptly. This is notified to the users by means of Emails, SMS, and/or application notifications.