HexaPlans has been designed so that the prospective buyers can get a feel of how their completed home would look like before they have bought it. Planning their space and allocation of house belongings, planning extra space, decorative furniture and appliances, etc. It also helps when builders upload their home designs along with standard components for each floor plans, options and furniture which are common across all home designs.

HexaPlans has managed to attain this with the help of an extremely navigational tool. Once the buyer clicks on a model house of their choice, they would be able to see the floor plan of the entire premise as a view from the top. Once they zoom in or out with the help of the cursor, they would be able to focus more closely on every aspect of the plan.

Advantages of HexaPlans

It is the first interactive software of its kind that directly engages your buyer and gives him a say and vision before making a purchase.

The buyers are more likely to actively involved in the process of purchasing the property, rather than just being a passive spectator as your show them from one house to another.

Any doubts that your buyer might have regarding the property is sure to go away and he/she would be able to make more informed decisions about their purchase.

These placements can go a long way in the optimum utilization of space. In an age when a family can use every extra square foot where it matters, this is a great way to ensure that none of the floor space would be wasted and things can be organized from the very beginning.

HexaPlans also provided a complete 360-degree Panorama interior view and 3D exterior view, giving your buyer a rough and approximate fore view of how their home would look like. The 360-degree view will give the buyer a clear idea of what the results would look like from every direction.

Why should you buy HexaPlans?

HexaPlans will give you a chance to showcase to your buyers that their home is not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional and lends itself to utility. Chances of making a sale would grow exponentially as buyer see the various advantages and customizations.

A software of this kind was long over due in the real estate sector and it has managed to fill a gaping home in the builder and buyer platform. The communication would be far easier as the builder show their buyers what exactly they have in store and this will make all the difference.