Construction Management System

With Hexagon’s Construction Management System, construction and leasing business will be at your fingertips. Right from HRM, Constructions, Lot Management, File Management,Reports, etc. Our HMS would cover all your requirements.

With an inclusive feature like plan map plotter, a graphic indication on the availability of lots, has been made more creative and innovative. Agent’s logins along with Warranty Management System that would provide an overview and in-depth client’s opinion.

The File Management System would let you store and share files, which makes working much easier to carry files through-out all members of an organization. On the other hand, we provide constant updates on our Home Management System is an added advantage which would keep your business updated with latest security standards and helps run your business more effectively.

Modules of Construction Management System

With over 30+ modules in the CMS, our extensive software will be easy to manage on the  Cloud platform. Among from 30+ modules a few are listed below.

Icons are recommended to be placed by our team of UI developers for the following modules.

Calendar and Events

Personalised Account

File Management

Siteplan Management

QMI Brochure Generator

HR Management & RFE Module

Color Form & Inbuilt Survey

Warranty Management & Client Management

Client Transfers & Interactive Plans etc..

Why Construction Management System



Our CMS is entirely customizable as per your business requirements.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Cloud based system for easier and faster access across the globe.

Light Wieght

Light Weight

No extra hardware or software, run easily in any browser.

On Time Support

On Time Support

Call or Email support within 24 Hours.

Multi Device

Multi Device

Friendly across all devices i.e., iOS, Android, Macintosh, Windows, etc. and is compatible with any kind of browser with the latest security updates.

Leasing Appointment & Survey  System

Our comprehensive Lease Appointment of those who are opting for a lease and Survey System would give you an array of options to store your customer data. Right from gathering leads from the websites to fixing appointments for them to take up a home from a venue. Everything would be automated, and all notifications would be sent to the customer, agent and supervisor.

On Pre-lease demo, a survey will be sent automatically to you customer to explore their experience. Right from pre-lease to post lease and move out, all activities would be monitored. Based on this protocol, detailed reports of the best maintained community and its members could be created. Negative ratings from the community would be taken extra care and the appropriate actions necessary.

Core Features

Google Map API Integration to enlist the facilities around the community.
Easy lead forms will be made available in the websites with easy integration.
Attractive and informative ‘Dashboard’ of the community’s performance.
Over 5 reports to analyze the community performance.
Customizable Survey management.

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