API Integration

APIs Integration allows a software to merge with any systems, applications, devices or apps in real-time. Hexagon IT Solutions' API Solutions accelerates your digital transformation,connect your Mobile Apps, E-Commerce and the fast delivery of goods to provide 360 customer-focused services. It also helps in connecting cross-channel systems and devices to enhance your customer experiences.

Why with Hexagon IT Solutions?

Hexagon API and Hexagon Mobile API Gateway gives that flawless balance by critically enabling the right users, applications and partners to reach your data while protecting against external threatening malware. They’re trusted by the most regulated and security-conscious organizations, with certifications.

Performance and Scale

Hexagon IT Solutions API Gateway’s clustered architecture enables linear scalability across multiple gateways, with automatic failover. It also includes:

Application level throttling



Hexagon IT Solutions API Gateway also powers relocation across your device, tests and production environments with global management tools. And it also integrates with enterprise BI, analytics and reporting tools.


A plug-in framework adds a wide range of features that can easily be integrated into customized solutions. It also features in-depth integration with enterprise management and BI products.

Protocol Orchestration

Legacy meets new. Given that APIs are necessary attributes for SaaS application, adaptation and orchestration, of most protocols ensure your legacy environment becomes part of a modern application architecture.

Data Transfer Security

Many enterprises are compelled to deal with state and federal laws when it comes to data security–get the API Security solution that is commonly chosen by most companies. Hexagon IT Solution follows a high level secured environment for all API operations to be conducted with specialized work forces.