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Digital Marketing Specialists

With over 15 years of experience in digital and traditional marketing, 5th Floor Media and Hexagon IT Solutions have teamed up to create a digital powerhouse. We utilize this experience to bring the very best media mix to our clients. From traditional advertising methods (Billboards, Radio, OOH) to Digital Advertising (Social, Google Search & Display, Beacons, software, websites and more.)

Discover how our marketing strategies can help you attract your ideal customers to your products with ease!

Display Advertising

From Meta, TikTok to Google we've got you covereed. 


Search Engine Opitmization (SEO)

The initial step most new customers take toward finding what they re looking for - be it a product or service - is with a few keystrokes. A word or two in a search engine yields results. Our job is to fine-tune your website's keywords to get you on the first page of the search results, in turn increasing your website's traffic and interactions.

Social Media Marketing

The social networking is currently the biggest platform for advertising in terms of both publicity and ROI. Statistically, the number one factor in utilizing social media is when a company is consistent and has a constant social media presence. Therefore, social media advertising gives a significant advantage to any business.

We work one-on-one with clients to build strategic messaging and apply that message to a series of dynamic ad-sets posted to major websites and platforms, ranging from Google, to blogs, and other major websites.

How would you take all your marketing aspects to the next step? How do you know if your ads, blogs, and funnels are performing as expected? Data helps answer these questions. Data analysis will give you all the information you need to check if your ads and emails are performing as expected. We provide you with the integrations necessary to enable you to view your daily performance (from clicks, ad views, etc.) for you to assess whether your performance is meeting your expectations.

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