With a firm stream of new technologies, the network has become a wide pool of results. But we being an experienced web development company know whats will be ideal for you.

The network is under a perpetual magnetic field and there is a regular flow of new technologies which is emerging rapidly in the digital universe. From the next-Gen HTML 5 development to providing eCommerce solutions and open source content management systems, the network has become a pool of solutions and choices available for your tailored requirements.

Hexagon IT Solutions as a Web Development Company in USA, would take charge of all your web development need by offering sophisticated and high end solutions which are innovative and profitable.

Some of the web development services we provide are:

Php Development

PHP Development

ASP .Net Development

ASP.Net Development

Ruby on Rails

RubyOnRails Development

ColdFusion Development

ColdFusion Development

Web Development Process

Demand Analysis

The demand analysis is the first thing that we consider during the initialization of the network development procedure. We hold conferences and meetings where we discuss about the scope and target of the project with other important aspects. The customer would offer their ideas related to the project and then we initiate the real work.

Building Specification

Since building of specs is a very important part of development we analyse the scope and accordingly set out targets. For example is a website is to be developed then we consider the website designing, graphic UI, structure of navigation, etc. When these problems are solved, we move forward to preparing the for the project abstract, cost of the project and schedule for the delivery of the project.

Content Writing

Writing the content of a website is one of the most important portions of the life cycle concerning web page development. We have very efficient and skillful writers who can write content based on any type of topic you deliver to them. Check for spelling and grammar is then done and once everything is in order it is then put up on the Web pages.

Web Design and Development

Once the project has been confirmed and the deposits have been done, we start with the prototype design for the site. During this process, there would ideas from both the end of the plan components. Hexagon IT Solutions offer choices of two prototype design to the clients and they have to decide which one they want to use, once that is done we move to html conversion procedure.

Website Coding

It's time for us now when the website designer and the developer would go hand in hand making this task a winner. The developer would implement the code into the design without disturbing the aim. And the designer on the other hand would closely work with the developer and supply all the design elements needed.

Site Testing

Right away the testing team would arrive into the setting and initiate their work to produce the website development project an error free internet site. Testing team would hold the bug tracking system in space and continue shooting the errors available with the application and on the other hand, both designers and developers would set up all the errors available with the diligence.

Site Promotion

Formerly the website project is complete and now it's time for us to drop some time on getting this website available with various search engines. The elements in the website should be optimized in such a way that it gains a higher rank in various major search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN, Bing and others. Top ranking keywords and Meta Tags need to be inserted in all the pages of the website.

Maintenance & Updations

Websites should be updated frequently so that it remains alive with all the recent trends and happenings. Whenever we manage the modification to the website, the development life cycle needs to be duplicated once more. For a huge website, a team should be maintained which will look after such issues.