QA Division

Character is all close to smart working systems, checks and counter checks and mostly instilling a culture of pre-emptive intervention to get rid of the shock of human mistake.


    • Guaranteed product integrity
    • Manufacturer warranty
    • Shortened time-to-market
    • IP Integrity and non-disclosure
    • Effective asset management
    • Cost competitive product development
    • Risk managed process standards
Evaluation and Monitoring Process

Quality assurance is the systematic evaluation and monitoring process of a service, project, or readiness to obtain acceptable industry standards. Products should first be worthy for the intended purpose while mistakes should be rejected in the processes and in the final product to give quality assurance tests.

Quality assurance includes

Quality assurance includes regulation of the quality of raw materials, assemblages, and merchandise. It also supervises the services linked to production, as well as management, production, and inspection procedures. Character in this evaluation is specified by the product users, guests, and customers. Price does not necessarily determine quality for this scenario.

Our quality management strategies include

Our quality management strategies include audits for ISO and system, activities in small groups for improvement of the working place and feedback from client. Continuous tracking and monitoring is done to see to it that improvements are made.

Hexagon IT Solutions maintain

Hexagon IT Solutions maintain a strict code of operational excellence through training of manpower on HR skills, International (Process) standards, manufacturing engineering, quality, environmental safety management, translating ultimately into tangible benefits for our customers.